La verdadera historia del fin de los dinosaurios…


By special request… a 1996 Comic

How Did Dinosaurs Die?

By Lynda Barry

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A beautiful thing happened when Asthmatic Kitty artists Helado Negro and Julianna Barwick first met: they got to know each other. The result, a collaborative band, OMBRE, and a brand-new full-length record, Believe You Me.

Recorded as the newly acquainted pair were just becoming friends, OMBRE shows Barwick’s clear, high harmonies and church choir sensibilities melding well with Helado Negro’s rustic-Latin-psyche-folk meets big-city-summer-blockparty.

Tracks simmer with the mellow chording of nylon string guitars, bubbling electronics, and the comely pluck of harps; they rise high and mountainous with Miles Davis-y trumpet and then disappear altogether. There’s a very old school jazzy soundtrack air to these sessions. (An inspiration to the sessions was Clu Gulager’s 1969 film A Day With the Boys and Egberto Gismonti’s fantastic late-’60s compositional jazz.) It has the feel of a hot summer day in Brooklyn, 1971, the sun through the tenements and everyone sitting in the shade watching the world drift by.

Believe You Me is set for release on Asthmatic Kitty Records on August 21, 2012.

Thus:Owls - White night (Harbours - 2012)

Aimee Mann - Charmer (via NPR)

POLICA - DARK STAR (Official Music Video) (by polica)

'Home' is the opening track from 'The Wild Youth' EP.

‘The Wild Youth’ is released on the 21st November. Tracklisting is: ‘Home’, ‘Medicine’, ‘Youth’ & ‘Love’.

Daughter (Elena Tonra) performs ‘Run’ @ St Stephens Church (by CommunionRecords)

Daughter - “Smother” (by ohdaughter)

Man without country - Puppets


Soap&Skin  ”Maybe not” (cover del tema de Cat Power).

Dónde están Marlys y Arna?


Q. Where are Marlys and Arna now that the comic strip is no more?

A. Here they are painted with blue ink in a composition notebook. They are up to things.

Metronomy - The Look (by metronomyofficial)

Taken By Trees - “Dreams” (Official Video) (by Secretly Canadian)

Antony and the Johnsons - Cut the World (by pitchforktv). Con Willem Dafoe y Marina Abramovic.

Cat power - Cherokee (Sun - 2012) Remix de Nicolas Jaar.